Hey there!

This is where I get to tell you a little bit about me and what to expect from me as your photographer.

My name is Jonathan Santiago, from Morovis Puerto Rico. As a young person my parents had me all over the U.S. until they finally decided to settle in Memphis, TN. I have called the Blues City home since the year 2000.

Photography wasn't always a passion of mine until a few years ago. As a family, we always enjoyed having our little family milestones documented with beautiful imagery and loved being able to have tactile memories displayed around our home to remind us how lucky and blessed we are. Moreover, reminds us to be thankful each day for what we have and who we get to do life with. I can honestly say that my first born's life was what ignited this passion for photography and led me to began the journey of learning this wonderful art. Watching her grow more and more each passing day inspired me and made me want to capture those moments of her life myself. And this is where it all started...

My wife and I invested in a basic DSLR with no knowledge whatsoever on how to use it. I guess I was like many people, thinking that owning a little higher-end DSLR camera would produce great quality pictures just like the ones my photographers used to provide for me with and then I could avoid the cost of paying for professional photography services all together. Little did I know that wasn't the case and that realization resulted in me wanting to learn how to use my camera and photography as an art. Having the camera was just the beginning of it!

With lots of work and dedicaton I began educating myself. Joining classes, webinars, workshops and reading lots of books to get me to this point in my photography life. Thanks to the help of my wife, Joselyn Santiago, who is a Graphic Designer and aspiring photographer herself, we decided to began this journey into the photography world. She is the one responsible for all of our branding and web design and what can I say, "We make a great team!"

Now when someone asks me what I do for a living I simply reply:

I dreamed big and I'm very blessed to begin the journey into doing what I love. Becoming a photographer has undeniably opened my eyes to capturing life's beautiful moments and helping my clients do the same and providing them with timeless, beatiful and unique imagery that tells their life story fills my heart with joy."

So, THANK YOU for stopping by and considering giving me the opportunity to capture your special moments.


Baby Valentina

Expected Arrival April 2017


Favorite Portrait

My daughter Aileen


My Wife

Doing life with this lady since 2012.

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Our main purpose is to be able to reveal the beauty of your life story by capturing

beautiful images of your wedding, lifestyle, portrait, newborn or special occasion.


50mm Photography currently serves the Memphis, TN and surrounding areas and is able to accomodate your

on-location session or event by traveling withing a 25 miles radius of home base in Collierville, TN.


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